TitleRock Paper POP-X

Have you heard of POP-X? Did you attend POP-X last year? If not, then we suggest that you check it out ASAP! POP-X is a celebration of art, artists, and public open space. POP-X is an outdoor art exhibition in Liberty Plaza (just a short walk from Rock Paper Scissors!). POP-X is more than just viewing […]

TitleMeet Tegu

Take a walk down Main Street and you’ll notice one shop window that’s a little different than the rest. It contains a tall, colorful, architectural structure that looks impressive yet fragile. It looks like the tower you always wanted to build as a kid, except your sibling came and knocked it over before you were […]


TitleRock Paper Taylor

It’s time again to meet another fantastic Rock Paper Scissors team member – Taylor! 1) Where are you from? Goodrich, MI 2) Why did you want to work at Rock Paper Scissors and why do you love working here? I wanted to work at RPS because I loved the store’s unique style. I love when I […]